Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reasons why this day rocks

1. My Pandora station (inspired by The Civil Wars) is killing it this morning. Just started playing my favorite Gungor song.
2. I'm studying participles and only feel of slightly below average intelligence.
3. Wearing a pair of brand new size 8 petite jeans which I got to buy recently.
4. Just got word I got into the class I was waitlisted for.
5. My coffee is really good.
6. My shirt is pink - like VERY pink.
7. I am sitting by a window in the coffee shop and the sun is shining slightly through the clouds.
8. I ate a ham and cheese croissant about breakfast.

On my way to my Tuesday morning study session in the coffee shop I was praying very earnestly that God would equip me to love well today - to see every interaction and moment as an opportunity to love those who he has entrusted to my care. On days like today, where everything is spectacular, it seems easy to do such a thing.


Chrissie said...

You are awesome

Elizabeth Dong Nguyen said...

love this! also, remember those pink shirts we bought at the switchfoot concert that we thought were white? i wore mine on saturday. it's now my painting shirt. i'm trying to cover up the pink.

Suzanne Townsend said...

Liz, I DO remember the pink shirts. How traumatic. Wanna know a secret? I knew this shirt was pink when I bought. Can we still be friends?