Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sometimes I think my brain might be broken

In Greek class last night we began to learn about how to modify an adjective so it can be used as a compare nouns. I think (know) that I'm still fuzzy on this, but the gist is that you can add a prefix to an adjective and depending on the prefix, you know its relationship to the noun. We have this in English, but they're usually suffixes.

So we have...


Using -er and -est we can establish relationship between an adjective and a noun. "Over there is a taller tree. But behind the barn is the tallest tree." Tracking with me?

To demonstrate the way this works, our Greek teacher had a simple request: shout out three adjectives. Now, I should state that at this point I was in hour five of class, was a little punchy, and that punchiness was punctuated by sitting next to my friend Eric who had worked all day and had all but given up. Eric shouts out "Fantastic!" And when Renee asks for another he shouts out "Fabulous!" And then she asks for another.

And I provide the adjective of all adjectives. An adjective that I don't think I ever actually uttered until last night.


Where did that come from? From what part of my brain did that little adjective shake free and make itself known to my 25 classmates? Why that word? Why then?

And this is why sometimes I think my brain is broken. Because I didn't think of "happy" or "pretty" or "small." You know, things that if I was in middle school wouldn't get me sent to the principal's office.

Thankfully, Renee is a rock star and she joined the majority of the class by responding with a mixture of uproarious laughter and disbelief. And then she did me a solid and wrote the word on the board. But this meant that for the next 20 minutes every time I looked at the board and saw the word "engorged" I started to giggle.

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