Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm going to be the best lab partner you've ever had

I adore personality tests. Ever since the days I spent as a child in California, lazily reading the same Seventeen magazine for the tenth time, taking the same quiz promising to clue me into my flirting style (despite my complete and total lack of understanding as to what flirting actually was), I have looked at tests and quizzes and "cootie catchers" as perhaps providing some insight into my deepest and truest self.

Cut to personality tests. I'm an ENFJ just in case you were wondering. But I recently discovered a NEW (to me) personality test called the Enneagram. And it basically reconfirmed the fact that I am an ENFJ, but it is fascinating none the less. According to the Enneagram, here are some things that are true of my type - type #2.

1. My characteristic role is that of helper
2. My ego fixation is flattery
3. My basic fear is being unloved or being unlovable
4. My basic desire is to feel love
5. My temptation is to deny my own needs
6. My vice/passion is pride
7. My virtue is humility

Furthermore, according to some thought surrounding the Enneagram, you can have a "wing" which is a bent towards one of the bordering types on the Enneagram diagram. I apparently have a wing to the #1 type, aka "the perfectionist." So, I'm a helper, but I strive to be a perfect helper. Which is why my new life motto shall be: "I am going to be the best helper you've ever had."

Inspired by Eunice from She's the Man

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Chrissie said...

I know you will believe me when I knew exactly what that title referenced before I scrolled down to the link.

I think you have a fantastic personality :)