Thursday, January 31, 2013

Putting myself out there, with mild success

I was recently challenged by my little bro's girlfriend to take more risks and put myself out there relationally. And, I have been doing my absolute best to head her words and proactively build some new friendships with people I'm in grad school with. It has not been going well.
Okay, it hasn't been going poorly, per say, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Here has how my most recent three attempts have gone. (All names have been changed in the event anyone from grad school ever actually reads my blog.)
1. Tim. I found out Tim rides his bike to class and happens to live a mere 30 blocks from Karen and I. So, I had this brilliant idea to give him a ride to my apartment and then he'd have a mere 5 minute bike ride as opposed to a 45 minute bike ride. He took the front tire off the bike, couldn't get it to fit into the car, so Karen and I left him stranded in the parking lot near school as we drove safely and warmly home.
2. Matt. I tried to get a Greek study group together but our schedules didn't quite mesh well. I was excited when Matt asked me in class if I wanted to get together with him and a couple other people to study at 4pm on Thursday. Unfortunately I work until 5pm, so I told him to text me then and let me know if they were still studying. I didn't get a text, so I opted to go and meet them anyway and just trust they'd be there. They weren't. I did, however, write a (self-proclaimed) hilarious email to try and explain why none of them were there. Here's an excerpt:
The mistake you made, however, was that you left your almost completed chapter 17 worksheet on the table. They saw with one glance that you totally understood everything they were agonizing over, and so they joined forces and turned on you. Each of them emptied five packets of sweet 'n low into their palms and blew the poisonous powder in your eyes blinding you, but leaving a sweet after taste. After that it got really out of hand. In short, bloodshed, ruined lives, etc. Rich Erickson happened to be there on a break in between classes, and I don't even want to relive what happened to him.
All of that to say that I totally understand why you guys weren't there at 5:45 PM when I showed up Greek flashcards in hand to study. You couldn't be there, because you were in prison.
3. Katherine. After talking in class for a bit, K sent me an email asking me to friend her on Facebook b/c she couldn't find my Facebook profile. I had to break it to her that I didn't have a Facebook but we set up a "crazy reading party" on Saturday so we could just sit and read in the presence of another person and then I would make us dinner and we could hang out a bit. After making the plan, she emailed me a couple hours later saying she's unsure whether she'll be able to make it b/c she has to get homework for her other class done.

So, there's the record. I'm currently 0 for 3 in the making new friends department. But, Tim and I are going to study this weekend. Matt promised to bring me a treat to make up for the unintentional ditching. And Katherine and I are going to try next weekend if this weekend doesn't happen. Maybe that'll make me 3 and 0?


Chrissie said...

i love you, i'm proud of you and i'm so glad we are friends xx

Suzanne Townsend said...

Ditto. To everything, ditto.