Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music that gets me through

As much as I love music, I have a very hard time listening to it while trying to study. Especially while trying to study Greek. Something about the intense concentration it takes for me to learn a new language paired with English phrases flying at my ears. Which is why I'm thankful for my Sigur Ros Pandora station. However, tonight, while making flashcards I decided to tempt fate and listen to something with...wait for it...words I can understand! I figured since all I was doing was writing words down that it wouldn't hurt for me to listen to some music I love. So, Mumford and Sons Pandora it is.

One of the best decisions I've made all week. Here are the songs that got me through (and are actually doing so as we speak) this incredibly long day (links have been put in for the two songs that were new to me tonight):

January Wedding by the Avett Brothers
Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford and Sons
Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
It's Time by Imagine Dragons
Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons
Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine
Ho Hey by The Lumineers
The General Specific by Band of Horses
Home by Phillip Phillips

But the night is not done. And it's time for me to do some Greek. Which means I'm going to finish listening to this song (The Way We Get By by Spoon), and move on to un-understandable but delightful Icelandic music.

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