Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year - A New Game

I have actual semi-relevant things I could speak about with this blog entry - my first in many many months. And I will actually do that. I'll definitely speak about my 13 things to accomplish in 2013 list, and being in grad school, and work, and life, but right now the purpose of this post is to play a new game.

My friend Tanya and I work together.

Today we emailed each other.
Then she texted me.
Then she IM'd me through our interoffice IM.

I pointed the abundance of forms of communication and invited her to send me a carrier pigeon.

She wrote down a note on a post-it and put it on my desk.
I created an ecard with my message.
She created a webpage.
So, now I have a blog entry.

To answer your questions, Tanya: I'm doing kickboxing tonight and so that is how I'm going to get my workout in. Why do you have to meet with Beej before 8pm? Did you put a time limit on your good habit? Or is it related to sleep? I miss writing fun things with you as well! I'm going to try and include an extra curricular into my study schedule in the spring, but I think my extra thing this quarter will be kickboxing three days a week. Maybe taking a modern dance class next quarter!

Also, this post is helping me with one of my goals for 2013 which is writing 45 blog entries. Love you, Tanya, and love this game.



Tanya Barber said...

Does commenting on your blog count as a method of communication? I don't have to meet with Beej before 8pm. I have to get my workout in before 8pm, because I'm meeting Beej at 8pm.

I still haven't taken a tap dance class... You should definitely take a modern class! I bet it would be great!

Elizabeth Dong Nguyen said...

i'm happy that this blog is alive again :)