Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shut Off the Power!

This year I decided to fast from TV and movies for Lent. Already I'm annoyed with my decision. I'm dog sitting for some friends and they have On Demand cable. Enough said. It feels torturous to get to sleep in this beautiful king size bed with a TV merely feet away from me and not get to watch episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" or the most recent Bette Davis movie I've checked out from the library. It's not torture, but it feels like it.

I think part of the reason I am missing TV and movies so much is because I love noise. Or, rather, I hate silence. In fact writing that sentence made me realize how quiet it was and so I just turned on a Pandora station (my Glee station, in case you're wondering).

But there's something that I'm realizing about turning off the TV and sitting in silence - I am a highly motivated person that can be supremely lazy. I knew that laying in bed until 11am and watching TV wasn't an option, so instead I went into work for a few hours to get a jump start on the week. The other night I finished my Fuller application a week earlier than anticipated. I'm about to close the computer and spend some time journaling. Then I'm going to take the puppies I'm babysitting out for a walk/run. And right now I'm writing in my blog.

Reading back on prior blog entries I get sad, because I can see the way writing is a way for me to grapple, relish in, and share what I've been thinking and feeling, and lately there hasn't been a lot going on up there. Probably because my life has been filled with noise.

Hopefully turning off the TV (and potentially my computer, because I've only been listening to Pandora for 7 minutes and already two Bruno Mars songs have played. And that one version of "Over the Rainbow" that plays on every single station) will reconnect me with myself. And the words will flow again.

p.s. The post title is from an annoyingly catchy song that C sometimes sings when I babysit her. It's about saving electricity and now it's in my head...drat!