Friday, July 8, 2011

Fresh Starts and Fresh Stats

For the past 9 years I have had the same email address, and it recently was deleted as my mom got rid of her comcast account. Now I am using a gmail account, and let me tell you, the transition has been bumpy. I thought I could go for a simple kind of thing. Taken. Maybe a suzannectownsend? Taken. stownsend? Taken. 1,000 easily conceivable combinations? Taken. Which is why I now have a weird mix of my name, initials, and random numbers. For those of you that have wondered, the 473 means nothing.

Getting my email address account switched over from my blog was one of the biggest ordeals. It required that I invite myself to be an admin on this blog and then delete myself from the blog. While my posts have stayed in tact, all of my stats, all of the blogs I followed in my dashboard, and probably many other settings I have yet to realize have been reset. There is now 1 view on my profile, and that was from myself.

It's weird, but my email address is one of my pieces of childhood. I created that address based on a nickname a substitute teacher unintentionally gave me that caught on especially amongst my theatre friends. It was connected to my mom's account - while my own it was ultimately managed by her. A couple years ago my brother and I took over our own cell phone bill and I took the payments for one of my credit cards. My mom still helps me out by paying the bills for two of my credit cards, but I'm hoping that in the next year I can take those on as well.

Is 26 the year where I am going to be experiencing more fresh starts? I've already dabbed my toe in a few pools of new adventures: thinking about grad school, moving to a new house, saying goodbye to friends leaving Seattle.

For a while all I had written for info "about me" on my blog was: "Hello world. My name is Suzanne. Bring it on." I'm holding off on writing the new entry. For now at least.