Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prompt 17: The Place You Wish You Were From

I just took two different quizzes to find out the place that I should live, based on arbitrary questions such as "what food would you most like to eat: cheese, a hamburger, Indian food, pizza" I got two different response. One response said that I should live in Greece because it's artistic and apparently so am I. The other response said I was a "country mouse" and should move to Michigan. Both great ideas.
I'm going to change this prompt a little bit and instead answer where I would move to if money and purpose were not at all to be determined. Of the places I've been, the place I'd like to most live is London or somewhere in England or somewhere in Ireland. I loved walking through London at night (the way it looked and the way everything felt and how many people were out and about). I loved being in a place with lots of history. I loved knowing things that a local would in a see of tourists. I loved the weather (VERY similar to Seattle). I loved the public transportation system. I loved Ryan Air.
I understand that it is completely possible to idealize a place and maybe I am idealizing London. The last time I was there was 4 years ago so maybe my feelings would be different going back. More than anything, I think, I'd just love to live abroad. I want to immerse myself in a completely different culture for at least a year. Now just to determine when that will happen and where I should go and what I should do. Details, really.

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