Friday, October 15, 2010

Prompt 15: The Person You Miss the Most

I'm reminded of the scene in the Bruce Willis movie The Kid when little Bruce Willis (played by Spencer Breslin) realizes that as a kid they moved houses 12 times and shouts of "What happened?!?" That's what I'm asking myself about this blog. I was doing SO well! What happened?!?

Anyway, no condemnation, just moving on. This one is actually pretty difficult for me because I don't feel like there is anyone I really miss all that much. My best friends (whom have been mentioned in previous posts) that live far away are people I still connect with regularly, and those people that I've drifted away from I am trying in some small measure to reconnect with. There are people I wish I could see and people I'd like to see more often than I do. But, I think I simply get used to it when people aren't around anymore. The people I end up missing are those that are in my circle of friends here in Seattle or that I interact with frequently. Then, when they aren't around for days or a week or two at a time, I miss their presence.

While I rejoice whenever my long distance friends and family come to visit or when we talk on the phone, I've gotten used to not having all of my nearest and dearest within a 5 mile radius. It's like I've created a new category for my long distance friends. I remember and think of them keenly, would love to see them more often, but don't miss them in a heart achey sense of the word. The people I've missed in the past week or two are my friend Maggie, Kara (one of the girls in my youth group), Jaelithe, Chrissie, my co-leaders at youth group, and others that I go through spurts of seeing and then not seeing. Hmmm...maybe rather than name the person that I miss more than any other, I'll contact them to hang out and finally end the misery of not seeing them! Time to be a doer, and not a thinker.

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