Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 9: Someone You Wish You Could Meet

There are multiple people I would really love to meet, either alive or dead: Philip Yancey, Rob Bell, all members of Switchfoot, Toni Collette, John Krasinski (although my stammering would be an obstacle to any real conversation), Amy Adams, Marian Keyes, etc., etc., etc. And on my more noble days I would also add to that list: Martin Luther King, Jr., Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henri Nouwen, William Wilberforce, Lousia May Alcott, Mother Theresa, etc., etc., etc. But, in the idea of honesty (which is the whole point of a blog, right?) these are the two people that I would actually love to meet above and beyond any other.

Jane Austen: My friend Rachel and I were discussing this and she actually put the idea in my head. I'd love to hear about what her life was actually like as we know so little, and no, the movie Becoming Jane is not a historically accurate depiction of the events, despite James McAvoy's attractiveness. I'd love to know how she developed the heroes, heorines, and villains in her stories. Did she base them off of people she knows? And what does she think about the fact that every other year there is a new film, book, or play based on one of her novels? Did she have any idea that the characters she created would last for generations? I'd also like to know if she thought her life was tragic. Every time someone talks about Jane Austen in trying to construct a biography, they inevitable mention that despite her creation of these great love stories, that she remained unmarried. Some films portray this as a result of forsaking love for noble reasons. Others depict it as a regret that she later ruminated upon, but what was it really? Was her mentality that of many of my single friends now: she loved life, but once or twice a month she grieved that she didn't have that companionship that so many of her friends had, and then she moved on and kept going with life? So many questions to ask her! Inlcuding, her unfinished book Sanditon. Where was she going to take the story? Did she think it was her greatest novel, or did everything pale in her brain to one of her other novles. Which novel was her favorite? Why did she make Fanny Price in Mansfield Park so utterly spineless but Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice filled with wit and spark? She's one of those people that if I somehow did have the fortune of meeting that I would sit in silence and beg her to speak. Make fun of me if you like, but I would pee my pants if I got to meet her.

Mindy Kaling: Writer, actor, producer. Hilarious. She is so freakin' saavy and smart. You can just tell when listening to her interviews. She developed Kelly Kapoor into this fully realized person when in the first episodes she was merely a frumpy looking office worker. The episodes she writes for The Office are always some of my favorites. Perhaps you'll remember such gems as: The Dundies, The Injuyy, Diwali, Ben Frankli, Niagra. Seriously, that's just a few that she's written. I love them because they are so intuitive, break conventions, and have real depth and nuance. When I was in my job transition I seriously considered writing her a letter and begging her to allow me to just shadow her. I'd make her coffee or walk her dogs, I didn't really care, I just wanted to be around this incredibly intelligent, artistic woman.

Anyway, those are the people more than any other that I'd like to meet. I'm curious, to those that are reading this, if you have people as well that you'd pee yourself to meet.

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