Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 7: My Job

I've been at my new job, working at Taproot Theatre for a little over a month now. I work as the assistant to two amazingly funny, kind, and creative people. Sara Willy is the Director of Education and is in charge of providing vision and directing the programs in the acting studio. This summer we had approx 30 classes offered and Sara masterfully and gracefully handle all the details of 18 teachers and their respective classes. She was always upbeat, optimistic, and passionate what she does. Nathan Jeffrey is the Director of Outreach and is in charge of the Road Company, a group of 5 actors that travels to elementary, middle, and high school students performing incredibly impactful plays with themes of developing friendships, empathy training, bullying prevention and harassment prevention plays. He also coordinates 4 different Christmas shows that tour around to churches and community centers, all proclaiming the true message of Christmas and the birth of Christ.

I think my experience at work can best be described by what happened today from 10:45am-12pm today at work. At 10:45am we had "company meeting" which is our weekly staff meeting. At staff meeting this week, the Road Company came and we gathered around and prayed for them. Before we started praying Nathan read out a list of prayer requests for the Road Company, praying for their health, safe travels, and their unity as a team. The tears started flowing as Nathan expressed his hope and desire for the team. Then we prayed for them, and others began crying. Afterwards, Karen, the artisitic director said, "Make no mistake, everyone, they are heading out on the mission field. Make no mistake."

I went back to the office and worked for a bit and then Sara came back from some meetings she had that afternoon. She had to leave shortly after, but not before telling me about an awesome idea she has for the next step in the acting studio. Passion. Crazy amounts of passion for what she does.

This is where I get to work. It's pretty great. I can definitely see myself staying there for the next 2 years or so, and then after that I'd love to put my money where my mouth is and travel somewhere to live for a while. Probably to Nashville. Maybe to go back to school. But that's a blog entry for a different day...

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