Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 12 (ish): Your Dream Vacation

This is pretty fantastic because as of Saturday my dream vacation might actually turn into an actual vacation during the month of February! My friend Liz from my intern years recently got married and moved to Switzerland with her husband. Switzerland has always been my dream loction since I was about 14 years old. Well, I mentioned this casually in an email and she casually mentioned in return that anytime I found myself in the area that her and her husband would be happy to host me. Combine this invitation with a recent hang out with my friend Callie, a.k.a. a great adventurer and then my random suggestion to go to Switzerland and her acceptance of the offer. I found a cheap-ish ticket ($724) and have all but booked it. If I go with Callie then my thought would be couch surfing for half of the time to give our hosts a reprieve and then staying with Liz and Daniel the other half of the time. If I go by myself then I am not doing scary couch surfing and will impose myself on Liz and Daniel. The only thing that could make the vacation more wonderful is if I could figure out a way to toss in a couple day trip to Berlin to visit my friend Erin who lives there with her boyfriend.

What's better than a dream vacation? A dream vacation that'll actually happen!

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Elizabeth said...

That picture is literally a 6 minute tram ride away!