Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 10: someone you don't talk to as much as you would like

There's many people who fit this category that I've already written about: Brenna, Liz, Scott. But there's a whole host of other people that I met while studying abroad or in college that I wish I spoke to more. In particular I wish I spoke to my friend Erin Null whom I met while studying abroad while in England. I owe Erin for many things, maybe most significantly for introducing me to The Office and the great love of my life, John Krasinski. I remember the first episode we ever watched together: "Casino Night." Still one of my faves. Anyway, I digress.

I learned while studying abroad that finding someone you travel well with is a rare gift. Erin was my travel buddy for both trips I took while I was in England, both Spain and Ireland. Both times we traveled I was able to enjoy each and every moment of the trip. We had a good mix of planning events and seeing the sights, and lots of walking, but also relaxing. I remember walking through the Kilmainham Gaol and listening to my friend provide me with more history than our tour guide (with a much easier to understand accent) and light up as she talked about each aspect. I remember clinging to each other in Howth, Ireland as some of the strongest winds I've ever experienced literally blew my hat into the water (we laughed that it was an offering to the raging sea gods, but it didn't calm them). I remember picking her up in Bellingham when she came to visit me from Ohio and we drove back to Seattle down Chuckanut drive, discovered Jalepeno hummus, had a Jane Austen tea party (where I discovered that wax paper IS NOT the same as parchment paper), and took a cheesy tour around Seattle.

Erin and I are pen pals and we genuinely write each other about once a month, but I miss her a lot. And if I could I'd go visit her in a heartbeat, not just because she lives in Berlin and has a gorgeous boyfriend who I hope would maybe introduce me to one of his gorgeous friends, but because she's awesome and I think we really would be able to pick up where we left off in terms of our friendship. How much does a plane ticket to Berlin cost? Well, according to my current search online I can get a ticket in February for $893. Um...that is really cheap.

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