Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Three: Parents

Okay, so I kind of missed two days. It's kind of crazy the way time gets away from me sometimes. Anyway, today I'm supposed to blog about my parents, which us not a topic that excites me in my trip down memory lane. I've been trying to think of a way to blog about my parents without being unkind or disrespectful. So, in the interest of being short winded, here is what my most current struggles are with my parents.

I haven't seen or heard from my dad in 5 years. About a month ago my mom texted me to say that my dad had gotten in touch with her and wanted mine and Cameron's number to call us. I told her that he could have my email address, but I didn't want to give out my number. I haven't gotten an email at all. My mom mentioned that he doesn't have a computer but I can't help but feeling that if he really wanted to get in touch with me that he would go to the library or use a friend's computer. What's frustrating is that I get to this point with my dad where I feel invincible and like the neglect can't hurt me anymore, but then something else happens and it all comes back.

What's confusing to me about my relationship with my mom is that I don't know what my role is in our relationship. I would like to say that I can just be the daughter and she is the mom and sometimes life intersects perfectly and we're friends. I think to a certain degree that's true, but I think my mom wishes for Gilmore Girls and I keep wishing for Steel Magnolias. Maybe it's neither and a little closer to Whip It! and neither of us want to say that we're just never going to completely 'get' one another. I love her deeply and can't imagine having a different mom. And I know that I know that I know that she loves me to. And for that reason I am way ahead of the game.

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