Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day Four: Siblings

I have two siblings. One is older, one is younger, and they form kind of a Suzanne sandwich.

Jason: My big brother by 8 years. Here are my favorite things about Jason: his commitment to BBQ, the way he calls me little sister, how he intentionally has started traditions with his kids, the way he drinks coffee 24 hours a day, the way he listens when I chat with him, the way he commits himself to his hobbies, geochaching, the fact that he still dreams big, he made the courageous decision to change his career (inspiring!), that I know he'll walk me down the aisle when I get married, and how even though I don't always feel like I need a 'big brother' that he'd do anything a big brother is required to do (like beat up a guy who hurt my feelings, encourage me if I made a big life change, and be my advocate no matter what).

Cameron: My little brother is 2 years (22 months techinally) younger. Here are my favorite things about Cameron: that he's one of my best friends, his mad cooking skills, his fashion choices throughout history, that we're running a half marathon together!, that he thinks I'm cool (maybe?), that he calls me to hang out, the way he plays with his our nieces and nephews, he's wicked smart, he's got pie in the sky ideas and dreams, he is funny, he thinks I'm funny, we laugh a lot, we still beat each other up, that he'll also walk me down the aisle when I get married, and that he lives in Seattle so that I have a piece of my family nearby.

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