Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1: Your best friend(s)

I feel like I write about my friends ALL THE TIME. But I keep doing it because they are my family. They are my nearest and dearest. They are (most days) the very best part of myself. They are my biggest fans and my harshest critics:

Brenna: Brenna and I have known each other for 10 years. When we first met, she was really good friends with my brother, and it wasn't until we started taking theatre classes together, were cast in the same play for the same roles and had to kiss the same boy on stage that we really bonded. We'd stand behind stage, eating pieces of ginger, and jumping up and down with nerves before performing. She's my sister. She's famous to me and I am famous to her. She also inspires me to care for others in a tangible put myself out there and just love people by talking to them, smiling at them, and genuinely listening to their stories.

Maggie: Maggie and I have been friends for 2 1/2 years, but she knows me so well it's like I've rewritten history in my mind to include her in all the most important moments. She knows my story and my history better than most of those who experienced it with me. Maggie is my greatest advocate. She forces me to take care of myself, stand up for what I want, and reminds me that I am worthy and loved by Christ. Maggie is so wonderful I am sometimes stunned that she has chosen me to be her friend.

Katja: When I first met Katja I never thought she'd want to be my friend. Flash to almost 3 years later and a week can scarce go by where we haven't traded at least a dozen texts, emails, IMs, phone messages, calls and Facebook posts. Katja has taught me confidence. In the past whenever someone challenged my ideals I backed down out of fear. Katja challenged me in how I lived my life and then would yell at me (figuratively) when I didn't stick up for myself. My moral convictions, faith in Christ, and commitment to love and serve others has been strengthened tremendously by getting to be friends with Katja. She's also HILARIOUS, incredibly cultured, has introduced me to dozens of remarkable movies I would not have otherwise seen, and she has a marriage that makes me secretly hope I'll get to be married some day too.

Cameron: It is the greatest blessing to me to have my little brother live in Seattle. I've known him his entire life, and we've been good friends for at least half of that. There are countless memories of made up games when we were left home alone, nights of stupid laughter for the years we shared a room, and the hugs that came when our family would get a little crazy. We've started to see one another about once a week, most frequently at Cafe Vivace and every time he confides in me my heart swells that this person who was born my brother becomes my friend a little bit more each day.

Liz: We met on the first day of college at SPU. We talked about Alias, and I'm pretty sure the next day we were best friends. We lived togeter Sophomore year and started meeting together for breakfast and prayer once a week. She's seen me at my worst. She's seen me at my best. We've laughed (a lot), cried (a lot), and thrown things in frustration (only a few times). She is the best gift giver I know and each time she sends me a card, gives me a birthday present, or mails me a Christmas present, I am blown away by the time and thought she put into giving it to me.

So, there it is. They're my fab five - and I could go on for days about Becky, and Karen, and Jaelithe, and Chrissie, and Scott, and Rachel, and Anna, and make it a fab infinity, but I'd give myself carpal tunnel. When I'm discouraged, frustrated, angry at life, I should go back and read this list. Because in each person I've mentioned (and with a million more) I can't ignore the way God has poured his grace out on me. How blessed am I!

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Brenna said...

I would just like to take this time to give a shout out to Katja for bringing 'Winter Sonata' into Suzanne and my life. Haha love you Suzanne! I think 'Autumn in Our Heart' may need to be in our future ;-)