Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When what God says to me is different than what God says to you.

My church has a new worship pastor. This past Sunday my pastor introduced him to the congregation. He mentioned that Eric, the worship pastor, was a late applicant. On Easter Sunday Eric felt that God was telling him to apply for the position and he did. Thankfully for our congregation the hiring committee felt the same way and we've hired him to lead the worship ministry of the church. And now, there is a wonderful testimony for our church community about how God worked specifically in the life of our new worship pastor to bring him into that position.

But, what about the people who felt that God was calling them to this position who were wrong? In past positions that the church hired for, people would write in their cover letter that they were praying and fasting or that they were already looking for new housing in Seattle. Maybe some of these people were...a little overager...but what did this do to their faith when they didn't get the position? Several months ago, maybe 6-9 at this point, I withdrew from consideration for a sales position at a hotel. I knew the moment that I finished the interview that it wasn't good for me and then when I got home I found a position posted on the Youth Specialties website for a youth pastor position in Seattle, WA. I didn't think that God had made the position for me, but I thought it was a perfect fit. Well, six months later they gave the position to someone else.

What do we do with that? God might have told me I was perfect for an admissions job at SPU last year, but they didn't tell SPU that. God might have told Joe that him and Jane were destined to get married, but Jane didn't get the memo.

I don't want to say that God doesn't speak to people in that way. But when the thing does happen do we say that God is speaking and when the thing doesn't happen God was not speaking? Can anyone help me make sense of this?!?

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