Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is real

Here is a real comment that we received from a guest who did one of our internet surveys from the hotel. None of this is made up.

"I booked a room from the 3rd of June through the 7th, and then again from the 11th through the 27th. This was done over the internet. Once I arrived everything was above great, when I left on the 7th I was told I would have the same room when I returned, not only did I not get the same room for the first 2 nights of my return my reservation had changed from departing the 27th which is the last ay of my class with Bennett Stellar but to the 17th. I did manage to extend to the 22nd however, I'm told that I have to be out of the room on that date because the hotel is 'overbooked'. I'm at a loss, I booked the room until the 27th, I'm in the room, I need a room until the end of the program that I'm enrolled in which is the 27th, now according to the front desk, I have to vacate so someone else can occupy the room that I'm in. I do not understand, the class I'm enrolled in does not end until the 27, I rented a room here because it was the closest I could get, now I'm being told that I have to leave and find another room somewhere else even thought I have been told the hotel will assist with that, I do not know why it cannot simply 'assist' the 'other people' with their room rental, I'm here why do I have to be the one to leave, it was not my fault that this hotel screwed up on the reservations. If I do actually end up having to relocate, this hotel will get nothing but negative comments and ratings from me from now on. Other people in my class are equally wondering the same as I am, 'why am I the one to have to leave', I'm here now and the other people aren't. The hotel needs to concentrate on the people that are staying here at this time rather than worrying about future tenants. The saying goes something like this, 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.' Enough said, if my problem is not resolved by the 21st I will have more to say."

A couple observations:
1) This guy booked on the INTERNET! He admits that. Now, if he is the one who booked the reservation on the INTERNET whose fault is it that it was booked for the incorrect dates?

2) You want us to send guests with reservations to a different hotel to accomodate your reservation which you booked for the incorrect dates? Funny you suggest that, because I kind of have a feeling that if the situation was reversed and we moved YOU to a different location because our inhouse guests extended then you'd be pissed.

3) This will some day come in very useful if I ever talk about the relationship between Jews and Gentiles and how in the New Testament Jews felt superior to the Gentiles because they had a 'reservation' in the Kingdom of God prior to the Gentiles.

I love my job. Seriously, I do. Where else would we find material this rich?


Anonymous said...

holy shit he repeats the same thing in like ten different sentences in ten different ways. also i am sorry for booking that piece of business there at the hotel.

Anonymous said...

ps: nice new layout!!!

Suzanne Townsend said...

Haha. In a million ways you have indelibly (is that a word) left your mark on the hotel. They're all gone now!

p.s. There's hummingbirds on my blog now! Not as edgy hipster, which I like.