Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Job Interview

I had a phone interview today with Seattle First Covenant Church. They sent me an email on Sunday saying that they had received approximately 15 applicants for the position and I was one of an undisclosed number selected for a phone interview. I interviewed with Carolyn, the associate pastor, and Sarah, a congregant and part of the search committee for almost 45 minutes. I think it went well. As always, it's so hard to gauge how I actually did in the interview. I was told the head of the search committee would be contacting me as to the next step, if there is one for me. If I am selected for the next step, it would be an in person interview.

The position would be 20 hours a week (15 middle/high school ministry, and 5 facilitating elementary ministry) and I'd need to find an alternate job as income supplement. Right now I'm leaning towards finding a nanny position. The youth group is approximately 15 students with very diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. We'll see what the next step is.

I was talking with Becky on the phone yesterday, and I was able to verbalize that the idea of getting a job in a non-ministry context isn't what stresses me out. It's the idea of getting a job in the hospitality industry that sends me into fits of anxiety. What this tells me (because I am just smart and intuitive like that) is that I need to get out of my hotel job. I love the people, I like the job, but I think the position is symbolic for me of never being able to move on. It's not the actual job, but more of what it represents that I am wanting to separate from.


Chrissie said...

Hope you get a good phone call soon!

Ric Wild said...

What's your exposure to the Covenant? My appreciation for the ECC continues to grow... good luck with everything!

Suzanne Townsend said...

Chrissie, thanks my dear! I can't wait to hear about your and Jeremy's trip to London.

Ric, I don't have much exposure to the ECC. I know their doctrine seems to be solid, and they're supportive of women in ministry. I also know Eugene Cho is the man.