Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What's that sound? Oh, it's me jumping on the bandwagon and writing a list about my goals for the new year.

1. Run a marathon: My friend Heather is getting married in July, so we're going to train for a marathon as a way to whip my butt into shape and keep her butt in shape for the wedding. Speaking of, I should be leaving my house for a run right about now...
2. Read one non-fiction book a month: This was going to be "read one book" but if I get sucked into a fiction book then I can get through one every 2-3 days while my list of non-fiction books I'd like to read grows, and grows, and grows.
3. Get serious about getting healthy: This isn't a "if I lose weight I'll be prettier" thing. My self image is strong, praise the Lord. This is a "if I lose weight I'll be healthier" thing.
4. Continue working on getting out of debt: My American Express card should be paid off within the next 6 months and then I'll start chipping away at my other credit card debt. All of my credit card bills were a result of school debt (books, extra tuition, etc.) and I look forward to casting it aside.
5. More frequent correspondence with my out of state friends: This is going to be even more important as one of my closest friends moves out of state next month.
6. Find a job that I love: Please Lord Jesus, please.
7. Live with joy: I want to wake up each morning ready to face the day with my arms lifted in praise.
8. Love with reckless abandon: My friends, my family, my youth group, my co-workers. I pray that God will help develop me into a person that loves fiercely, with little concern about what it may cost me, and loves boldly with little concern about what the world thinks of that act. This isn't me wanting to be a doormat for the abusers in my life or a raging liberal that finds all things to be permissible. This is me praying, pleading, that my life is so filled by the love of Christ that my love for others overflows abundantly.
9. Prayer: Enough said.
10. Travel: This year I want to go one place I've never been before. Maybe Nashville to visit Liz. Maybe Ohio to visit Erin. Maybe Vancouver, B.C. just because it's close.

So, I gave into peer pressure, or maybe it was blog pressure as all of my friends with blogs had already posted something about the new year. But, these things are written down, and it's up to me to have them happen. Without further ado, I'll be leaving now for a 3 mile run...something that'll get me closer to goal #1.

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