Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Puffy Vest

Two years ago a guest at the hotel I work at gave me a puffy vest for Christmas. I wear this vest rarely, and actually had it in a Goodwill bag until the freezing temperatures in Seattle encouraged me to take it out of the Goodwill bag this morning. The reason I don't wear the puffy vest is because it makes me feel like a marshmallow. Not one of those cute little mini marshmallows, but one of those large jumbo marshmallows. But, today my puffy vest made me feel beautiful, and it's because the geniuses at Old Navy had written this on the label:

"She couldn't decide. She loved the magic of a city skyline on a snowy night, but a country meadow under a blanket of snow made her heart beat faster. The truth is everything looks beautiful in winter, including you."

Thanks Old Navy, for the self esteem boost!

1 comment:

Stephanie Breuner said...

the truth is you look beautiful anytime of year, puffy vest or not.