Monday, December 28, 2009

Marathon Training Day #1

To date I have ran three half marathons, and in June I have plans to run a full marathon. Tomorrow is day one of my training. I haven't gone running in over a month, and I have a feeling this is going to be the most painful 3 mile run of my life! But, I found that little ear warmer thing that keeps my ears from getting frost bite and for Christmas I got an iPod holder to wear around my arm when I go running. My running shoes have about two more months in them, and my iPod is fully charged, so there is really NO excuse to keep me from going.

I should probably get to bed, so I don't use the excuse of not having enough sleep.

My practices of health and well being (reading my Bible, running, eating well, journaling, etc.) were thrown out of the window while I was in Vancouver this last week and when I went to my weigh-in on Saturday I definitely found I had suffered the consequences. Eeek! What is it about being there that makes me lose motivation to take care of myself? Just a couple months ago I wrote that I thought I was living a half life here in Seattle, and I wondered if Seattle would ever feel like home. Well, it's my third year living here since graduating from college, and it's finally starting to. That's also how much time it took for me to feel at home at SPU. Up until that point I thought for sure I was going to transfer to a different college after my sophomore year.

Maybe there's something about the third year...maybe it's magic.

p.s. Christmas pics soon!


Chrissie said...

I think sometimes simply getting out of our routines can make it hard to keep our priorities in the right order. I am planning that in the new year, my schedule will begin to reflect more of my values. I think things have bee a little topsy-turvy since getting married but I hope the new year and all the good intention that comes with that will be the impetus I need. That and writing my plan down!!

Tracy said...

awe..thanks Suzanne, i appreciate that. Its mostly tough since we're really not involved deeply in a church (long story there) and all i do is work, i don't have much contact with anybody new..particularly women...haha But, i know that God will bring her soon.. :) Great to know you have a blog.