Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dr. Seuss Christmas Party

On Wednesday night our youth group had a Dr. Seuss themed Christmas party. Here are a few of my favorite memories:

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!
From left to right: Jon, Marika, Maggie and Myself

From left to right: Marika, Maggie, Josh, and Tim
I created a long and elaborate story about what is going on in this picture, but all that really needs to be said is that it is hilarious.

From left to right (starting with the boy): Evan, Bella, Kylea, Sage, and Natalia

I absolutely adore the above photo, and it means even more when I look and realize that 4 out of the 5 of these students only began attending youth group this year! Pretty amazing that they have come, gotten connected, and started to build a place for them here.

And every good youth group party can only end one way: the hokey pokey.

I found a church on Capitol Hill that is hiring for a part time youth director. I have discovered that youth ministry jobs are pretty hard to come by here in Seattle, so I feel like I need to respond quickly, and I know I'll apply. It's within a good, strong denomination (Covenant) that is very supportive of women in ministry and would be a great opportunity to spread my wings and see how far God can carry me. But, to go there, would mean to leave everything above. And everything above is just so great.


Chrissie said...

All you can do is believe in yourself and the unique gifts you have been given. Push on doors and trust God to open them. You have an amazing future ahead, but you also have an amazing present. You are making a difference every day. Can't wait to hear what happens!
In other news I am totally addicted to Glee.

Lucy said...

will be praying!