Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Conversation and confections

I got into Vancouver last night only to find my mom gone for the night which meant I needed to break into my own home. I had flashbacks of high school when I'd lock my key inside the house. Last night I had ice cream at Ice Cream Renaissance with Brenna (sorry, Seattle, but you can't do ice cream like ICR) and today I had gelato with Megan in Portland on NW 23rd. Two nights of frozen confections and two nights of conversation with incredible women who love God.

Dear Jesus, thank you for these moments. Thank you for giving me a foundation of relationship and community to see me through the greatest trials and storms. Thank you that these relationships have stood the test of time and space. Thank you for helping us to have grace with one another as we grow together and closer to you. Thank you for these sacraments and by your power making the ordinary extraordinary.

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