Saturday, August 22, 2009

Half dreaming half sleeping

The other night, in a half asleep state, I stumbled out of bed to open my window. In the process, I stepped on a picture frame that I had so carelessly left on the floor of my bedroom and heard the glass crack. As I lay in my bed, I wished that when I awoke I'd find I had only broken the picture frame in my dreams and that it would be whole when daylight came.

Half dreaming and half sleeping never work in my favor. The picture frame was still broken. And all those shadows of longing that I experience in my dreams, from cars, to clothing, to relationships, remain in the purgatory of cognition.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Living the life of a Seattle stereotype

Today on my way to the church to prep for youth group I was blown away by the realization that I am a Seattle stereotype, but hopefully in the best possible way, and I think only in that moment. I was wearing my Adidas flip flops (my official shoe of summer), listening to my iPod, drinking an iced latte, and wearing obnoxiously large black sunglasses. And this realization made me laugh really hard, even out loud a little bit. The only thing missing from this Seattle image was a copy of The Stranger tucked under my arm and a large Golden Retriever.

But, then, the ice melts in my latte, the sunglasses cause unseemly nose sweat, I get scared walking with an iPod because I can't hear people coming up behind me, and a summer of wearing the same shoes incessantly has led to large patches of dry skin. Behind the veneer of THIS Seattle stereotype is a sweaty, dog hating, watered down latte, iPod has run out of batteries, girl laughing hard at herself and all those just like her.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A once in a lifetime opportunity

I got pooped on by a bird today as I was walking to church.
I didn't notice until I got to church and my friend Nick said "What's on your sweater."
I've never been pooped on by a bird before, and I'm a little bummed that the first time it happens I didn't realize it actually happened. I am thankful, however, that the bird just pooped on the hem of my cardigan and not on my head. Because having a bird poop on your head and not realizing it is much more problematic.