Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mid Summer Thoughts

Haven't updated this in a WHILE. In case you're wondering, my summer time checklist is not progressing well. I've only applied for one job, because I have only found one that I am actually excited and energized to apply for. I can't zip up my green dress yet, but I have 3 1/2 more weeks until Chrissie's wedding. Little Si might not happen, but I'll be supplementing Snoqualmie Falls. And my to-do list for Summer Camp feels like it is getting longer, and I'm starting to stress out.

Right now I am finding solace from the 95 degree heat (in Seattle!) in a coffee shop near my apartment and preparing a talk on Philippians 3 for youth group tomorrow. As I've been checking my email, updating Facebook, etc., I stumbled upon this article: http://www.comcast.net/articles/sports-general/20090726/Worlds/.

Michael Phelps was beat out at the world champions in the 200 meter race by an unknown German swimmer who also broke the world record. Michael Phelps responded with a complete lack of graciousness and threw an adult sized fit. He blamed the sleek suit his competitor wore. He blamed not having trained much the past 6 months. His coach did the same. He was barely able to pose for photographs with Paul Biederman, the man who won the race, and stripped himself of his own silver medal as soon as he stepped off the podium. As I read this article I couldn't help by think: where did gracious competition go? Does being used to winning give anyone an excuse to be a sore loser? So, the suit did give Biederman a two second advantage, but that's swimming in a life of technical advances. So, he hasn't been training for six months, but not doing well is a consequence of that. I know that the world sees Michael Phelps as a role model for setting a goal, meeting it, and being an all around bad ass. But, come on man. You're an adult. Shake the gold medal winner's hand, and stop being a baby.

p.s. The pictures are from a photo scavenger hunt the youth group did last week. I love my job.

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