Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The cure for the summertime blues... making lists! I considered for a second changing the name of my blog to "Lists", much in the vein of (hilarious website), but didn't want to pigeon hole myself too much. My road trip to San Francisco and running the half marathon with Heather were two big summer time moments for me, and now I'm thinking about what else I want to accomplish this summer. Here's what I have so far. As I accomplish each one this summer, I'll write a new blog entry about it, which will hopefully take me through the summer with blog entries.

1. Have sleepover/hang out time with my small group
2. Hike either Mt. Si or Little Si
3. Wear my green dress
4. Find a new job
5. See any combination of my nieces and nephews
6. Summer camp
7. Go to Discovery Park, maybe trail run
8. WICKED! (The musical. My brother is going to buy me a ticket as my birthday present!)
9. Chrissie's wedding

That's all I have for now. I know it's summer, for the calendar tells me so, but I don't quite believe it yet. This weekend is 4th of July. My past two 4th of Julys have been AWESOME, but this year I'll be working and dealing with people who feel they're entitled to everything and drunk guests returning from watching fireworks explode. It'll be great!


Stephanie Breuner said...

I am jealous that you get to go see Wicked. I have always wanted to go. I read the book-kind of creepy, but I am sure the musical is very different from the book.

Suzanne Townsend said...

Yeah, I heard the musical is nothing like the book. Which is why I want to see it so bad. I definitely was not a huge fan of the book. And, it's even better because the ticket was a birthday present from my brother.