Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here's to the future

I applied for two jobs tonight. One is working at Group Health as a receptionist and the other one is working with Americorps as part of their "Sports4Kids" program which basically would allow me to teach kids how to play kickball and other recess games as part of an initative to teach our kids how to be kids. As I was looking for jobs on craigslist, nwjobs, and idealist, I discovered that I am way underqualified for many of the jobs I wanted to apply for. Which is one of the reasons I want to start working with New Horizons here in Seattle as soon as I get my new job (hopefully M-F 8am-5pm). New Horizons is a great ministry that works with homeless teens in the Seattle area. It would be incredibly stretching for me, but it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, and it would provide me with much needed experience.

Which led to some other thoughts about the future...like maybe going to grad school to get my masters in social work. I'd like to stay in Seattle for that, but that would mean going to UW next fall since neither SU or SPU offer a MSW. Still, I'd be working with youth, still hopefully in a Christian context, but in a different way. I never saw myself as being THE youth pastor in a church, and I somehow forgot that. I don't feel anxiety about the future, which is nice. And I attribute much of that to the fact that I've still been reading my Bible consistently through this time of lent.

Tonight was Psalm 37 where David is offering encouragement to those people frustrated that the wicked are prevailing. What God seems to be saying the whole time is: "Don't worry about the wicked people. They'll be held accountable for their actions, but that's not your battle to fight. What I want you to focus on is TRUSTING me, being GENEROUS to others, COMMITTING your life to my will, REMINDING yourself of my goodness, and above all chilling out and NOT FRETTING." Which serves as a reminder to me that I need to be busy with trusting God, being generous, etc. rather than stressing about the potential unknowns up ahead.

So, with that, I raise my glass of hypothetical sparkling cider and say "Here's to the future...wherever it shall lead."


Stephanie Breuner said...

I didn't know you had a blog, but saw that you commented on Megan Roush's blog, so I clicked over to your's. Nice thoughts on the Psalms and the insight into your future.

Suzanne Townsend said...

Yeah, I've had one for a while, but just have becoming more consistent with posting over the past few months. I'll be in Vancouver in May as well as June, and I'd love to connect with you at least one of those times!