Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love stories

Having just watched the movie Miracle for the second time in three days, I have been reminded once more of how much I delight in stories. But not just any stories... I love the stories that I feel could happen to me or that I could be a part of. I love the stories with characters that are like people I know or stories that I imagine jumping into. Which is why I love The Chronicles of Narnia: I'm constantly looking for the wardrobe that will lead me somewhere. Which is why as a middle school student I loved The Baby-Sitters' Club Movie: Because I wanted friends like those girls had. Which is why now I love Pride and Prejudice and Miracle and Stardust: Because I can imagine myself in the story.

And this cool thing is beginning to happen: I'm starting to see myself in scripture's story. It hasn't happened as quickly as when I'm watching a movie, but it is starting to happen. Today I read Psalm 20 and could hear the words being spoken, but I couldn't hear them being spoken by David. I came to the conclusion that in this case "Psalm of David" referred to this being a Psalm for David and that one of his friends was praying for God to bless and pour out his grace upon David. Now, whether or not this is correct or not is open to debate (I haven't read commentaries or anything like that) but I loved finally feeling that I knew the voice and the character of someone in scripture. I loved being able to hear the voice of someone and knowing where they were coming from and feeling like I too could have spoken those words.

And let's just throw it out there that I also love Miracle because I have a mad crush on about six of the hockey players in the movie. But that's besides the point...

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