Saturday, October 11, 2008


Brenna and I expect that our last month in our beautiful apartment will be November. If she decides she will be able to stay in Seattle, we'd like to each have our own room, and if she decides not to, I know whoever I live with will want their own room. Thus, our one bedroom will not satisfy either one of these scenarios. I guess I've begun to outgrow the age where it's fun and cool to share a room. While the prospect of moving to a new place is exciting, movement is always scary. Just yesterday Brenna and I were walking from Whole Foods, musing over how rare our location is. We're right near grocery stores, incredible restaurants, Greenlake, my church, a number of bus lines, UW, thrift stores, green trees, schools, etc. The thought of moving from here to something less than what we currently have is sometimes paralyzing, but I'm in one of those times where movement is necessary.

Movement is also scary because moving in one direction necessarily implies you have failed to move in the other direction. If I move into a different house, for example, the movement in that direction means I'll also have a one year lease which prevents me from moving in a direction outside of Seattle. If I move to begin to look for ministry jobs, that act of movement will take me out of my comfort zone and out of the promotion I just applied for. If I move to apply for international ministry jobs, my failure to get the job or their failure to contact me makes me feel as if the movement I made was all for nothing. If I decide to stay where I am, my decision to not move prevents me from seeing possibilities that may be right 'around the corner'. And this is the dilemma with moving.

Hamlet said, "to be, or not to be, that is the question." I could ask "to move, or not to move, that is the quesiton." To stay where I am and hide from the changes around me, or MOVE and possibly be thrust into a situation entirely unexpected, that is the question.

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Katja said...

i think that movement is necessary because it facilities change, and change is quite necessary, even if we're happy. it at least pushes us to see the newness in things, and the newness in ideas and places, and in ourselves. i think that you said it best, to me, about my current move: i can see something new, new places, and be able experience one more part of seattle i haven't experienced before. that definitely put it into perspective for me, and gave me a lot of hope going into the situation.

you are a strong person who will always find the best in all situations, and i think that will make moving a great experience for you. i hope that brenna will be able to stay and that your lives will fit into each other's for as long as it is possible for you two to move on in seattle, but if not, you will definitely make the best out of the situation and continue to grow.